Michael Cummings

The man with a plan.

Recognized as a professional photographer by most that know him, Michael is also a proficient storyteller, technologist, and community builder. He describes himself as a geographically agnostic freelance consultant, who lives life simply and has a passion for learning, photography, and travel.

He is a co-founding member of the BIL conference which is the open, community based version of TED and is hosted in cities around the globe with a flagship event happening across the street from the main TED event. He helps support others throwing BIL events by aiding in community building activities, marketing, and best practices through open source documentation initiatives.

Known to be straight shooting, honest, and a critical thinker, he works with clients with strategic marketing and technology needs. While he doesn’t much like buzzwords, the latest term ‘growth-hacking’ has been a descriptor for what Michael has been doing for almost a decade. He uses his technical knowledge to help him analyze many data points and execute technical tasks related to marketing activities in his clients projects to help maximize their investments.

He serves as an advisor to small pre-funded startups helping them get their feet off the ground. Working with energetic entrepreneurs has proven helpful in his own projects that include the not yet launched ExploreThere program, and a custom rapid responsive prototyping platform for internal development of client projects at his company RSPNSV.

Michael is also a recognized as a professional photographer with travel and landscape works being used in magazines such as Outdoor World and Family Life. He also has a running client list of large conferences and events where he provides photojournalistic coverage. Photography is his creative visual outlet and he does individual training sessions teaching budding photographers some of the tricks of the trade.


Working on keeping you in the know.

I write on topics concerning technology, marketing, and travel. Occasionally I put up some cool photos I take as well...

Remove Yahoo Navigation Bar on Flickr

So you’ve been a pro Flickr user for years, and you were excited with they pumped new life into the slowly decaying realm that was your favorite photo sharing service.  You were even more excited when they told you that you could keep renewing your pro service and not be shown ads on the “new […]

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Living Richly Without Riches

How much stuff do you own? A lot I’m sure, but does your collection of furniture, clothes, books, and all the rest of it bring you the most happiness? Could you pick just 10 things and give everything else away and still be happy? I think you could. Sometimes without even knowing it, we use […]

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Apex to Humbled; How I almost died.

This is a story I’ve told many times around the campfire and to friends, but never written it down until now. This is a big lengthy, but I hope those of you who do choose to read it, you enjoy it. You can find the short version at the very very bottom of the page […]

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