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You have nothing. Now what?

Most of us have been there. We’re at the bottom. We seem to be looking up from the bottom of the well watching as the sun passes by us for just a passing moment of the day if we’re in the right season. At the top, others are basking in the sun you so desire to feel. You’re tired, you’re hungry, you just don’t know how you’ve gotten here, and even if you do, you still don’t feel like you deserve to be. No one seems to be around to throw you a rope, but you know you can’t stay here forever. Your choice is simple. Give up or climb up.

Life has a cruel way of kicking us around at times, and most of that is because we do nothing ourselves to prevent it, but it doesn’t mean it has to always be this way.

Wells come in many forms such as income, happiness, intellect, freedom, level not necessarily tied to one another. There are many wealthy individuals who are depressed to the point of suicide. Many people happy with the life they live with their friends and family, but hopes to provide for them better in the near future.

In one way or another we find ourselves at the bottom of our well of life, or maybe just at the bottom of our financial well. Some of us have never been hugely successful with building wealth, and it isn’t until nearing the bottom of the well before we realize errors we’ve made along the way. It is in these moments though, when you can give up or climb up. Always climb up again. Always.

If you find yourself at the bottom of a well, find a way to climb out. Don’t become complacent with what you feel fate has dealt you or you forever live in mediocrity and unhappiness about where you’re at. The bottom of the well.

Seize the moment. You have nothing to lose.

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